We're a Montreal based porn couple, Mick Stallone & Manuel Skye aka MS² Square.

Still we live around the globe now, tending to feel like home wherever we travel, as we share true romance on the screen & through our intimate videos.

Our love story begins far beyond this life. Although this is the first one we finally fuse into romance. In spirituality we are called twin flames. And we really are like twins on so many aspects of life.

Doing porn is an opportunity for us to experience and explore some of the highest sensations of the human physical life. Its actually quite liberating to be able to have sex with the one you love in front of the cameras & the crew.

Surprisingly, destiny has designed this path for both of us, but it took a while to finally listen to the calling. We've both been wanting to do it for over a decade. And at a certain stage our lives, we decided to only do the things we truly like with no judgement. Mick was the first one to start before he met his future husband. As for Manuel, he did a lot of nude modeling in his life, including with the great Mark Henderson. Right before he met Mick, porn was paving it path slowly. He finally said yes when the Falcon group showed interest in filming the first scene for the couple.

As the journey started, Manuel then realized the symbolic of a premonitory out of body experience his early 20's. The vision showed that he would meet the man of his lives when I would learn to fly with a muscled "falcon", as they would get to a secret place in the desert; Las Vegas in this case. It was so powerful that he even wrote it down back then. (Full story to be released soon).

As for Mick, specifically, Manuel also had visions about him 5 years prior their encounter. He saw our wedding and I could clearly see Mick's face. So when we finally met, we knew right from the start, we were "the one" for each other. That being said, we nourish a really strong spiritual connection, body & Soul. And this this is something we hope our audience can sense when we film together.

Our very first scene together was captured by Ragging Stallion, then we've filmed for Colby's Crew, Men, Cocky Boys, Butch Dixon and many more to come.
Though you may see condoms on there, our private videos are always raw. If you are very sensitive to vibrations, you might sense it through your screen, for as we fuck, the tantric energy flows freely!

Apart from porn & Spirituality , we're both into music & have creative minds. Mick is in process of becoming a fitness coach. As for Manuel he teaches Yoga & performs Aerial & Acrobatic. Eventually Mick is gonna join into the craziness of flying. But for know you can enjoy him eating Manuel's ass in a splits!

On that thought, we know it's a fantasy for a lot a people to see Manuel's getting fucked while in a split... Yet he only bottoms for his husband. Hips might be super open, but only true love & chemistry can allow anything in!

So enjoy all our videos, as we enjoy doing them. You can also supports us by donating on our Cheers page and unlock some xxxtra special videos.

At last, we wanna thank all of our supporters & believers of true universal love.

Manuel & Mick